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Spike and Angel Pt. 1
I like this one. We’re going to be the best of friends.
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Chosen: A Buffyverse Season 9 Comics Podcast

hey! so, my twin sis, my best friend Josh and I have started a Buffyverse Season 9 Comics Podcast. We’ve recorded 3 podcasts reviewing Buffy issues #1-8. We’ll be caught up with Angel and Faith by next week. I’d love to hear what you think =)

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James Marsters’ recent interview

Best Spike scene to play, in your opinion?
"They were all really fun.  I remember enjoying the very first thing I shot when I was just looking at Sarah dancing in The Bronze club and being able to mix wanting to kill her and wanting to kiss her in the same shot. That was great."

The fact that James already understood Spike’s and Buffy’s relationship THAT early on confirms that he is such a brilliant actor and he truly understood Spike. No, he CREATED Spike. I love that man.